Thank you for choosing us to service you at your wedding.  You will be billed for the remainder of the balance as it is due according to the online invoice.  In the meantime, here is a list of things you can begin to collect for your video production:

  • 20 photos of each of you growing up (40 total)
  • 25 photos of family and friends
  • 15 photos of you together
    (80 photos all together)
  • Music you want in your video (it is best to have a variety of songs…fast, slow, fun, etc.)

Please select one song for each of these categories (4 songs total)

Once you’ve selected your music, please fill out the “Music Selection Worksheet” below,   When you are done arranging your photos, please place your photos in separate Ziploc bags for each of the categories and number them in the order that you wish them to appear in your slideshow.  

When you have finished collecting all of these items, please call us to arrange for a time to meet.  If possible, we would like to receive all the photos and music 1 month prior to your wedding date.  Be sure the have ALL your materials ready prior to submitting them.  Additional photos and/or changes can not be accepted after we have begin your production.  When numbering your photos, please write the number on the back of the photos rather than using post-its.  Post-its tend to fall off leaving us unsure of the proper order.  Digital photos should be renamed (01.jpg, 02.jpg ,etc) and put into its corresponding folder (Bride Photos, Family photos, etc)  If you have any questions at all, please let me know.  

As the wedding approaches, please send us a copy of your wedding itinerary and any other information you feel we will need.  If there are any particular moments that are important to you, you will need to inform us prior to the wedding date.  Please do not keep any surprises from us.  For example, if you plan to give a gift to each other, perform a dance, sing, etc.  We will need to know beforehand so we can prepare to shoot it properly.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your wedding day with our services.  Please review them carefully and save this document for future reference.

We will arrive at the preparation location about  3 - 4 hours before it begins.  Please schedule your hair & makeup stylist to work with you at the time that we arrive.  We will require 2 - 3 hours of that time to shoot with each of you.  Please do you best to keep the room reasonably clean.  Also, it would be helpful if the room is occupied with only the people that are necessary at that time.   This is very important because we will need to use these shots for your ceremony highlights video.  So be sure that your hair/makeup and photo-session is coordinated with this timing.

  • Please have the following items when we arrive:  Rings, ring boxes, bouquet, invitation, any other mementos.

  • We want to capture the “real you”.  To do so, please bring something that you enjoy doing.  For example, brings cards if you like to play it, if you like to dance, feel free to dance.  Just be yourselves when we are filming.

  • When planning your reception, remember to save enough room for a projector and video screen in the ballroom.  The projector will need about 15-20 feet of space in front of the screen to place a projector table.  Also, please ask your banquet manager to provide a small table off to the side but near a power outlet.  We will need this for the on-site editing.  Please also ask them to provide a small table for the video projector…this way, a space will be reserved for it during the planning of table placements.

  • During your wedding reception, many banquet managers choose to dim your lights in order to create a more romantic ambience.  While this is fine for your dining, it is not good for your video coverage.  As a compromise, I would suggest you ask your banquet manager to dim the lights for dinner but then raise them up for the formal program. 

  • Your speeches are an integral part of the final feature that we produce.  It will provide the narration that drives the entire video.  For your final feature we may put a audio soundtrack throughout the video.  For this reason, it would be best if the speeches during the ceremony and reception be made without any background music.  If there is background music during the speeches, it will be picked up by our cameras and would make it difficult for us to use a soundtrack for your final feature.

  • You are more than welcome to use our projection screen which is 8’ wide x 15’ tall; however, if your reception will have more than 200 people, you may consider getting a larger screen that may be provided by the ballroom which can range from 10’ – 20’ wide and up to 25’ tall.

  • Unless you have booked us to provide your audio needs, please be sure notify your DJ that we will be plugging into their sound system for audio playback during your video presentation.  House sound systems may not provide adequate audio for our video.

  • If you are in need for an audio system to play music at your reception but are not in need of a full service DJ, please consider our audio package as an option.  

  • Please allow us enough time to edit your ceremony highlights.  We typically need about 3 hours from the time we arrive at the reception site.  We will determine the timing when we meet to plan your video.

  • Please mail or email a copy of your wedding and reception programs in advance so we may prepare our cameras accordingly.

  • There will be 3 staff persons from our company at your reception, please provide appropriate seating and meals for them.  It would be a good idea to seat our staff (along with other vendors) near the staging area so that we can be near the action when it happens.

Lastly, please print this page for future reference.


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