Thank you for choosing us to service you at your wedding.  Your deposit has secured your booking for your wedding date.


Here are a few things to consider when planning your wedding day with our services.  Please review them carefully and save this document for future reference.

  • We will arrive about 3 - 4 hours before it begins.  We will require 2 - 3 hours of that time to shoot with you.  Please do your best to keep the room reasonably clean.  Also, it would be helpful if the room is occupied with only the people that are necessary at that time.   Please be sure that your hair/makeup and photo-session is coordinated with this timing.
  • Please email a copy of your ceremony and reception itinerary in advance so we may prepare our cameras accordingly.
  • During your wedding reception, many banquet managers choose to dim your lights in order to create a more romantic ambiance.  While this is fine for your dining, it is not the best for your video coverage.  As a compromise, I would suggest you ask your banquet manager to dim the lights for dinner but then raise them up for the formal program. 
  • Your speeches are an integral part of the final feature that we produce.  It will provide the narration that drives the entire video.  For your final feature we may put a audio soundtrack throughout the video.  For this reason, it would be best for all speeches during the ceremony and reception to be made without any background music.  If there is background music during the speeches, it will be picked up by our cameras and would make it difficult for us to use a soundtrack for your final feature.
  • If you are in need for an audio system to play music at your reception but are not in need of a full service DJ, we offer our audio package as an option.  Please inquire if this is something you need.
  • There will be 2 staff persons from our company at your reception, please provide appropriate seating and meals for them.  It would be a good idea to seat our staff (along with other vendors) near the staging area so that we can be near the action when it happens)