Thank you for choosing us to service you at your wedding.  Your deposit has secured your booking for your wedding date.

We will arrive about 3-4 hours before it begins.  We will require 3 hours of that time to shoot with you.  Please do you best to keep the room reasonably clean.  Also, it would be helpful if the room is occupied with only the people that are necessary at that time.   Please be sure that your hair/makeup and photo-session is coordinated with this timing.

As the wedding approaches, please send us a copy of your wedding itinerary and any other information you feel we will need.  If there are any particular moments that are important to you, you will need to inform us prior to the wedding day.  Please do not keep any surprises from us.  For example, if you plan to give a gift to eachother, perform a dance, sing, etc.  We will need to know beforehand so we can prepare to shoot it properly. 

If you have any questions at all, please call us at any time.