Batman Vs Superman First Trailer

I have to admit.  I am a big fat geeky Superman fan.  I stuck through all 10 seasons of Smallville even though the writing got pretty bad at times.  And I know that Superman doens't have the same fan base as a lot of the Marvel characters these days.  But I think that this new movie from DC and Zack Synder may jumpstart the DC franchise nicely.  This first official trailer has certainly gotten me excited...can't wait for this next year.

There are some really cool things I saw.  The statue of Superman is what must be Metropolis.  The people of Metropolis divided in their support of the big blue hero.  The voices of Jeremy Iron's "Alfred" and Jesse Isenberg's "Lex Luthor".  The people of Metropolis defacing the statue with graffiti claiming Superman to be a "false god" and chanting for Superman to go home.  Then we see Batman in the Frank Miller fashion.  Ben Afleck look menacing.  We also see that they have brought back the same batmobile as in the previous franchise with Christian Bale.  In addition, the batwing will be making a appearing.  Figures, since Batman will need the firepower to fight someone who is virtually invincible.  Then Batman utters the words, "Tell me, do you bleed?  You will."  Sooo awesome.  I love this trailer.  If you haven't seen it, here you go:

Let me see beneath you are beautiful

Chris and Roxanne was a couple we met through another couple who's wedding we had filmed a few years ago.  Their wedding entire wedding was held at a gorgeous private estate at the top of Honolulu...Hawaii Kai.  The spectacular view at the wedding was second only to the heartfelt raw emotions we witnessed.

Emotional Journey for Loan and Johnson

We first met Loan (pronounce Low-Ann) and Johnson over the phone since they were from out of town.  They told us  that they were going to have a Catholic wedding with a intimate reception with their family at the Turtle Bay resort.  It was a instant connection right away.  I think we spoke for about an hour on that first phone call.  My intuition was right and we had a incredible time together filming their wedding day.  Here is the final short form video they got.

What does a Full Documentary Edit look like?

Many of our clients wonder what the difference is between a FDE (full documentary edit) and a SFE (short form edit).  For the sake of time, we usually do not post FDEs on our gallery page.  Typically, FDEs are great for the couple and their families to watch because of the length that it runs.  Most people wouldn't have the attention span to watch a 60 minute demo.  But couples still want to see an example of what a FDE may look like should they choose to get that type of edit.  Here is an FDE of a very fun-loving couple.  The house where the bride got dressed in is the same house that President Obama has frequented during his stays on Oahu.  I could see why when I got there.  The entire property was very private and surrounded by a large pond.  It makes a great place for the president and his family and also a great backdrop for this beautiful couple.

White Hot Wedding Dresses by Daisy Merto

My good friend, Daisy Merto offers dresses specifically for weddings in Hawaii.  After being in the wedding industry for 10 years (I know, she doesn't look like it), Daisy started her own fashion line of dresses for brides, bridesmaids and even honeymoon wear.  Check out the video below and maybe you'll find something for yourself.

What is your criteria for wedding guests?

I saw this hilarious video on today about a bride who write a list to all the people that she DIDN'T invite explaining why they weren't invited to the wedding.  Maybe not the best idea but it sure was funny.  Well, today is hurricane day in Oahu.  Hope you get a good laugh while staying safe.  Click on the photo below to watch the video.

10 Rules to wearing suits that Grooms need to know

1.  The width of your tie should be the same as the width of your lapel.  It's all about balance.

2.  Generally, thinner lapels are more modern than wide lapels.  Think "Mad Men".  It's all your preference.

3.  Pocket squares give you a little more polish.  But it shouldn't match your tie with its fabric or pattern.  The pocket square is where you get some freedom of choice.  Use it to get some pizzazz to your suit.

4.  If your suit is not custom tailored, the main thing to look for is how the shoulders fit.

5.  There should be NO GAP between your jacket's lapel and your shirt's collar.

6.  Your belt should the same color as your shoes.

7.  Use this guide to match the color of your suit to your shoes.

8.  Double vents in the back have a more fashionable and modern style to it.

9.  For a more casual or trendy look, you can go for a single-button peak-lapel jacket.

10.  For suits with more than one button, leave the bottom button open.