Batman Vs Superman First Trailer

I have to admit.  I am a big fat geeky Superman fan.  I stuck through all 10 seasons of Smallville even though the writing got pretty bad at times.  And I know that Superman doens't have the same fan base as a lot of the Marvel characters these days.  But I think that this new movie from DC and Zack Synder may jumpstart the DC franchise nicely.  This first official trailer has certainly gotten me excited...can't wait for this next year.

There are some really cool things I saw.  The statue of Superman is what must be Metropolis.  The people of Metropolis divided in their support of the big blue hero.  The voices of Jeremy Iron's "Alfred" and Jesse Isenberg's "Lex Luthor".  The people of Metropolis defacing the statue with graffiti claiming Superman to be a "false god" and chanting for Superman to go home.  Then we see Batman in the Frank Miller fashion.  Ben Afleck look menacing.  We also see that they have brought back the same batmobile as in the previous franchise with Christian Bale.  In addition, the batwing will be making a appearing.  Figures, since Batman will need the firepower to fight someone who is virtually invincible.  Then Batman utters the words, "Tell me, do you bleed?  You will."  Sooo awesome.  I love this trailer.  If you haven't seen it, here you go: