10 Rules to wearing suits that Grooms need to know

1.  The width of your tie should be the same as the width of your lapel.  It's all about balance.

2.  Generally, thinner lapels are more modern than wide lapels.  Think "Mad Men".  It's all your preference.

3.  Pocket squares give you a little more polish.  But it shouldn't match your tie with its fabric or pattern.  The pocket square is where you get some freedom of choice.  Use it to get some pizzazz to your suit.

4.  If your suit is not custom tailored, the main thing to look for is how the shoulders fit.

5.  There should be NO GAP between your jacket's lapel and your shirt's collar.

6.  Your belt should the same color as your shoes.

7.  Use this guide to match the color of your suit to your shoes.

8.  Double vents in the back have a more fashionable and modern style to it.

9.  For a more casual or trendy look, you can go for a single-button peak-lapel jacket.

10.  For suits with more than one button, leave the bottom button open.