What does a Full Documentary Edit look like?

Many of our clients wonder what the difference is between a FDE (full documentary edit) and a SFE (short form edit).  For the sake of time, we usually do not post FDEs on our gallery page.  Typically, FDEs are great for the couple and their families to watch because of the length that it runs.  Most people wouldn't have the attention span to watch a 60 minute demo.  But couples still want to see an example of what a FDE may look like should they choose to get that type of edit.  Here is an FDE of a very fun-loving couple.  The house where the bride got dressed in is the same house that President Obama has frequented during his stays on Oahu.  I could see why when I got there.  The entire property was very private and surrounded by a large pond.  It makes a great place for the president and his family and also a great backdrop for this beautiful couple.