Star Wars : Rogue One Trailer

Wow...I think Disney is the best thing to ever happen to Star Wars.  It's totally revitalized and relevant to this generation.  This trailer is great.  I'm looking forward to it.

Hawaii Island : The Fairmont Orchid

This wedding was shot last year.  What really stands out to me is that we were able to capture all this footage with just two of us.  It goes to show how much can be done with proper planning and execution.  Couples with a well planned event with a coordinator will benefit from a great event but the serendipity is that their photos and videos will also benefit.

Krista + Nin  |  Fairmont Orchid

Presidential Request!

Wow...we got an email this morning from the office of Hillary Clinton.  They were asking for permission to use some of our video footage for her campaign.  Nice to know that our videos are being watched by some high places.  Woohoo!